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Plumbing Leak Water Damage Restoration in Toronto

Plumbing Leak Water Damage Restoration in Toronto

Leaks from your plumbing fixtures can build up over time before surprising you when the signs of water damage finally become apparent. Water damage due to a plumbing leak can be tricky since the water may have infiltrated deep into the structure or spread out further than initial appearances suggested. In the worst case, you could find yourself dealing with the need for plumbing flood clean-up or plumbing flood restoration when fixtures rupture or burst. Since it’s better not to need plumbing leak water damage restoration in the first place, take a look down below to get more informed.

Common Causes of Household Plumbing Leaks

Faucet Leaks

Sometimes, a leak can develop within the valve stem packing of a sink, tub, or shower faucet. When water runs through the faucet, some will seep out through the leak, but it will stop when the faucet is turned off. In some cases, the leak will be visible, and you can spot the water dripping into the basin, bathtub, or shower. It is also possible for faucet leaks to be hidden within the wall, causing a slow build-up of damage potentially over months.

Drain Leaks

Similar to a faucet leak, drain leaks only manifest when water is flowing through the drain pipe, which allows them to stay hidden for long periods of time. Unless you have a spot in the house where the drain pipe is visible, the leak will most often appear initially as an unusual stain in the ceiling or wall. In rare cases (such as if a clog happens) the drain pipe may burst and produce a very unsubtle flood. Similar issues can result with a sink basin or strainer, especially if parts are loose, corroded, or installed improperly or if sealant is missing.

Cracked Fixtures

If cracks develop in fixtures such as a toilet tank or bathtub, water can seep out and leak into the surroundings. In a similar vein, a toilet can sometimes be “loose” and unsecured on its base (you can tell by checking for a wobble). This can lead to leaking onto the floor, though a wobble won’t appear if the problem is a missing wax seal between the toilet and the drain pipe instead.

Well Leaks

Some buildings can see leaks in the pipe that connects a well to the main building or in a municipal supply pipe. This happens when poor connections, cracks, or other perforations cause a leak and water begins seeping out. Such a leak can be recognized by unusually high water bills from high usage or odd wet spots in the ground near the pipe. If left unaddressed, these defects can develop into full-blown ruptures and floods.

Dangers of a Plumbing Leak

The exact risks posed by a plumbing leak depend on where on or in your property the leak has occurred. Regardless of where a leak happens, at least one of the following dangers will apply.

Foundation Heaving and Dropping

If the soil under your home is typically dry, a leak in the well or municipal line can saturate the soil and make it rise upwards. Over time, this pressure will “lift” your home and create drywall cracks and openings around doors and windows. On the more dramatic end of things, enough water can seep into the soil that it effectively turns to mud and your home starts to sink.

Mould Growth

Mould needs two things to grow: moisture and organic matter. The interiors of your walls and floors are filled with wood and cellulose materials, and a leak can provide the necessary moisture. If allowed to go unrecognized and untreated, mould can proliferate due to a leak and spread about and form colonies. Common consequences include mild allergy symptoms and skin irritation, but in rare cases, you can end up with black mould capable of releasing neurotoxins.

Fire Hazards

Your walls are home to more than just insulation and wood. Electrical wiring runs throughout your home and sparks can be created if water contacts any part of the wire that lacks insulation. This is a very real and serious fire hazard that needs to be addressed as soon as it is discovered.

Damage to Carpets and Rugs

Pipe leaks can well up through the floor but end up getting concealed by rugs or carpets. As these coverings absorb the water, they will become vulnerable to wear, tear, and mould growth.

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