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Frequently Asked Questions | Water Damage Restoration FAQS

What are the signs of water damage?

Some major indicators of water damage include unpleasant odours, visual signs of mould, stains on ceilings and walls, peeling paint, sagging walls and ceilings, and floor effects.

What should I do first?

If possible, find the source of the water, and call a water damage restoration company to address the issue immediately. It is also recommended to call your insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim. To limit the possible damage, it is important the water be extracted and dried as soon as possible.

Can I remove items after a water damage?

Depending on the extent of the water damage, you may be able to remove unaffected items from your home. Items that have been contaminated may not be able to be recovered for health reasons. Speak to your insurance company about the best course of action concerning valuable items that have been damaged.

How long does it take for mould to grow after water damage?

Mould is easily spread when disturbed or brushed with air. It is recommended not to wipe the mould with bleach, which does not kill the spores but spreads them around. Depending on the environment, specifically the moisture in that environment, the mould could spread faster.

How long does it take to repair my home after water damage?

Removing mould can take anywhere from one to five days, depending on the type of mould. Water damage repairs can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on their severity. If special items need to be purchased or are on back order by the restoration company, the repair and reconstruction process could take even longer.

Is the water after a flood in my house a risk to my health?

Clear water is normally sourced from sinks, water heaters, or washing machines. This type of water poses little risk. Grey water, from your dishwasher or bathtub, can cause illness. The worst type of water is black water, which is highly contaminated and comes from the toilet or sewer system. All surfaces that come in contact with black water are dangerous to your health and should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by licensed professionals.

What happens to my furniture after a flood?

Restoration companies typically try to restore old furniture with sentimental value; however, some items may not be able to be fixed. In cases like these, it is best to replace the items with similar furniture. A good restoration team will work with the homeowner and their insurance company to find out the best solution to the furniture restoration or replacement.

What is that smell after a water damage?

The foul smell after water damage could be caused by mould, the combination of water and other materials, or contaminants and chemicals from septic leaks. The right water restoration company will test, discover, and remedy the source. The smell should be completely gone by the time the water damage is repaired; be sure to check before you sign any completion agreements.

Can I upgrade certain items after a water repair?

Yes; however, in most cases you will have to pay for those upgrades. Insurance companies will usually cover the costs to bring your home back to a stable condition.

Why should I use an IICRC Certified Restoration company?

IICRC Certified Restoration companies are skilled, able, and qualified to handle all cases of water damage. They use special equipment and procedures to handle the mess and can apply strong safety measures to protect themselves and your family from any biohazards or contaminants. Going with a trusted company to deal with your water damage can prevent future incidents such as these, and help you get your home back into a healthy condition sooner.

Does a restoration company work with my insurance company?

Yes. Be sure to notify your insurance company of the damage after you call the restoration company. The restoration company will need to show the level of damage to the insurance adjuster and may need to rely on photos to see the scope of repairs without doing their own inspection.

How do I get my insurance company to pay for water damage?

The restoration company will bill your insurance company, and all you will have to pay for is the deductible.