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FAST Water Removal in Toronto

Whether you’re looking for restoration, cleaning or construction services, we’re Here to Help 24/7


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      Like many other places around Canada, leaks, floods, storms, and sewage backups are not that uncommon in Etobicoke.

      Get in touch with Flood Services Canada and have a helping hand on-site in less than 45 minutes!

      Dispatch Emergency Water Damage Repair in Etobicoke with an updated estimated time of arrival every 15 minutes.

      Water Damage Restoration Services in Etobicoke

      At Flood Services Canada, we’re ready to offer water damage repair and cleanup for anyone suffering from floods, storms, or even sewage backups in Etobicoke.

      Our goal is to make your home look like new again, and with our quick response timeframes, we can also avoid mold, bacteria growth, and other long-term consequences of water damage.

      • Free first inspections to evaluate the damage
      • Water pumping and extraction
      • Pack-out services
      • Affected damaged items disposal
      • Decontamination and storage of salvageable items
      • Drying and sanitizing flooded areas
      • Collaboration with all of Canada’s main insurance providers.

      Quickly Restore Your Water-Damaged Property 

      EARLY RESPONDERS: Water damage can be disastrous, and urgent action is required to minimize more losses; therefore, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible if you need water damage repair in Etobicoke. The less damage there is, and the fewer repairs are necessary, the sooner we can arrive at your house.

      SYSTEMATIC APPROACH: Flood Services Canada’s team will evaluate your property thoroughly, harnessing advanced technology such as thermal imaging to develop a water damage cleanup and repair plan that will help save your property.

      We keep you informed through every step and share the findings we’ve reached using cutting-edge technology.

      IDENTIFYING WATER SOURCE & CONTAINMENT: Our water damage repair journey starts with utilizing the latest industrial equipment to identify the water source. No matter how big or small the flood is, we can stop the excess water from flooding your property to minimize possible damage.

      If you need sewage backup cleanup in Etobicoke, we can also take care of that. We check all materials that might have been contaminated especially in cases of sewage backup.

      RESTORATION: The Flood Services Canada team only uses the finest tools for property restoration in Etobicoke. To dry damaged areas effectively and prevent mold formation, we use sophisticated equipment that regulates temperature and humidity and offers quick and effective water extraction along with advanced dehumidifiers to keep the air moving through your property.

      Rest assured, we know all the possible scenarios that can come from water damage, and we’ll take all the precautions to stop them from happening to your property!

      What Flood Services Canada Can Offer You

      We at Flood Services Canada wish to make your upcoming water cleanup project in Etobicoke less stressful. We can provide assistance if you require water extraction, water damage cleanup in Etobicoke, sewage backup cleanup, or if you’re dealing with flooded basements, water-damaged walls/ceilings, or flooded wood floors.

      With its wide experience in restoration services, Flood Services Canada can offer you comprehensive repair after any water or sewage damage. We take care of the Water Damage Restoration in your property from A to Z!

      You might feel overwhelmed when disaster hits but take a moment to breathe and let our IICRC-certified technicians take care of the rest.


      We have years of experience assessing and fixing damage caused by floods, broken pipes, sewage backups, water extraction, and other disasters.

      For the best water damage restoration in Etobicoke, give us a call as soon as a water damage emergency arises.

      As part of our service, we provide comprehensive and urgent plumbing repairs.


      Flood Services Canada offers sewage backup restoration in Etobicoke. Sewage backups are significantly more dangerous than other types of water disasters because they pose a considerable risk of microbial infection, which can lead to serious illnesses.

      Sewage contains a number of toxic materials that, if not treated, can seriously harm both buildings and the people who live in them, rendering the place uninhabitable.

      To protect the property’s owners and occupants from any hazards, our team at Flood Services Canada offers a complete decontamination process. Explore our full-service details in more depth.


      Once water damage has been sustained, time begins to run out, and it won’t be long before secondary damage appears, necessitating more repairs and costs!

      Flood Services Canada responds quickly and advises anyone in need of water damage restoration in Etobicoke to get in touch with us as soon as possible. To learn more about our mold removal service in Etobicoke, click here.

      Choosing Flood Services Canada in Etobicoke

      Flood Services Canada and its team in Etobicoke are Insurance Approved Vendors. We collaborate with all of Canada’s main insurance providers.

      If necessary, we can handle all the nuisance of insurance company interactions and bill your insurance directly so that you won’t have to worry about the process.

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       We Respond within 1 hour

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