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FAST Water Removal in Toronto

Whether you’re looking for restoration, cleaning or construction services, we’re Here to Help 24/7


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      Leaks, floods, storms, and sewage backups happen more often than we’d like, and yet they always come as a surprise.

      Dispatch Emergency Water Damage Repair in Caledon. Have a helping hand on-site in less than 45 minutes!

      Give us a call and help will be right on its way, updating you with an estimated time of arrival every 15 minutes.

      Water Damage Restoration Services in Caledon

      We understand how unexpected damage is enough to ruin anybody’s day and that’s why at Flood Services Canada we offer comprehensive water damage repair for the people of Caledon.

      Worry less about the details of your property restoration after floods, storms, or even sewage backups. We’ve got a long history of turning things around and giving you your home back.

      • We offer free on-site inspections to evaluate water/sewage damages
      • We help you dispose of damaged items and offer storage for salvaged ones
      • We provide water extraction, pumping, and removing any excess water
      • Pack-out services
      • Drying and sanitizing flooded areas

      Quickly Restore Your Water-Damaged Property 

      EARLY RESPONDERS: When it comes to water damage restoration, the most crucial step is preventing it in the first place. That’s why we urge you to give us a call as soon as you can. From our side, we will be as prompt as possible so we can help prevent further damage and secondary damage such as electrical wires and molds.

      SYSTEMATIC APPROACH: Our mission at Flood Services Canada is to prepare an immediate assessment of the damage and present, to you, a complete study of our results.

      We reach these results using cutting-edge technology and our long years of experience in dealing with water damage. We’re also equipped with useful tools like thermal imaging to help pinpoint damage areas, asses their extent, and come up with a proper game plan for your water damage restoration in Caledon.

      IDENTIFYING WATER SOURCE & CONTAINMENT: If you’re looking for water damage restoration in Caledon, then let us talk you through the first and most crucial step of any water damage control, which is identifying the source to stop excess water from flooding your property and minimizing possible damage.

      We extract your belongings and test them for contamination. We check all materials that might have been contaminated especially in cases of sewage backup. If you need sewage backup cleanup in Caledon, only trust professionals to handle it properly.

      RESTORATION: We use only the finest tools for property restoration in Caledon. Our equipment is designed for quick and effective water extraction from your property along with advanced dehumidifiers to keep the air moving through your property.

      Rest assured, we know all the possible scenarios that can come from water damage, and we’ll take all the precautions to stop them from happening to your property!

      What Flood Services Canada Can Offer You

      With its wide experience in restoration services, Flood Services Canada can offer you comprehensive repair after any water or sewage damage. We take care of the Water Damage Restoration in your property from A to Z!

      We’re available 24/7 for water damage restoration. Our professional team of Flood Services Canada in Caledon has dealt with water and sewage damage of every kind and left a long line of happy and relieved clients.

      Water extraction, water damage cleanup in Caledon, sewage backup cleanup, flooded basements, water-damaged walls/ceilings, flooded wood floors, drying, and flood restoration services are all areas in which we can give you professional help.

      You might feel overwhelmed when disaster hits but take a moment to breathe and let our IICRC-certified technicians take care of the rest.


      We are experts at evaluating and repairing damage from floods, burst pipes, sewage backups, water extraction, and other disasters. Call us as soon as a water damage emergency occurs for the best water damage restoration in Caledon.

      We offer emergency and comprehensive plumbing repairs as part of our service. Click Here for Complete Service Information


      Sewage Backups are far more dangerous than other water disasters, carrying a significant risk of microbial infection that can cause serious illnesses.

      Our team at Flood Services Canada provides a thorough decontamination process to keep the owners and habitants of the property safe from any of its dangers. Read more about our full-service details.


      Once water damage has occurred, the clock starts ticking and it’s only a matter of time until secondary damage occurs, which calls for more repairs and more expenses! That’s why at Flood Services Canada, we act promptly and urge everyone looking for water damage restoration in Caledon to contact our team as soon as they can.

      Click here to find out more about our mold cleanup service in Caledon.

      Choosing Flood Services Canada in Caledon

      Flood Services Canada and its team in Caledon are Insurance Approved Vendors. We collaborate with all of Canada’s main insurance providers.

      f necessary, we can handle all the complexities of insurance company interactions and bill your insurance directly so that you won’t have to worry about the process.

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