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FAST Water Removal in Toronto

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      Structural drying and dehumidification services are best understood as the next major step after water extraction. While extraction can remove any standing water, it doesn’t do as well against the moisture left behind on your property. Structural drying, therefore, is when specialized techniques and equipment are used to air out, dehumidify, and otherwise dry up any lingering wetness so it can’t cause lasting problems.

      Types of Structural Drying Methods

      There are three main types of structural drying methods we use:

      Extraction/Water Removal: Generally speaking, it is much more efficient to remove liquid water than it is to dry it up and eliminate the vapour. Under the extraction methods, specialized “water vacuums” and similar devices are used to suck up moisture that might remain on cushions, carpets, or other such items. This form of structural drying can go a long way towards salvaging materials that would otherwise be compromised.

      Air Flow/Evaporation: Sometimes moisture is in places that water vacuums can’t reach or is otherwise unable to be fully removed directly. To take care of this problem, high-velocity air is used. High-powered air movers (think “superfans”) are strategically spaced and angled to get maximum coverage so no water can escape.

      Dehumidification: You may have already figured out that evaporating moisture won’t do much if the water vapour is re-absorbed by your property. This is why dehumidifiers are used to balance things out. Not only do dehumidifiers speed up the structural drying process but they also serve as one way to restrict any possible mould growths.

      What Are the Benefits of Structural Drying and Dehumidification?

      Strictly speaking, it is necessary to use structural drying and dehumidification methods when restoring a residential or commercial property. These techniques and services will speed up the drying process considerably, which in itself offers numerous advantages, such as:


      • Saving time
      • Preventing costly secondary damage
      • Reducing reconstruction requirements and lowering insurance claim costs
      • Getting back to normal quicker
      • Non-destructive
      • Incorporating mould-prevention/-removal steps
      • Salvaging materials that might otherwise have to be thrown out
      • Easing stress and affording more peace of mind
      • Completely targeting anywhere moisture has settled

      Our Hi-Tech Drying Equipment

      When we at Flood Services Canada engage in structural or commercial drying and dehumidification services, we only use the best and proven tools. Among the arsenal we bring to bear are:

      High-grade industrial dehumidifiers to reduce the risk of secondary water damage
      High-speed air movers for large-volume drying that can evaporate moisture within walls, carpets, furniture, carpets and underpadding, and more
      Inject-dry systems that can promote airflow within the walls and floorboards of a property using holes as small as a penny
      Air scrubbers that clean away any airborne particles, like drywall dust, sawdust, concrete dust, mould spores, or other pathogenic particles—essential when dealing with sewage backup

      Contact us at (416) 302-2107 for more information about how our structural and commercial drying and dehumidification services can get your property back into top condition, or use our emergency hotline at (416) 999-3930 to get our rapid-response teams deployed to your area.

      Request a FREE Estimate
       We Respond within 1 hour

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