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Odour control

Odour Control and Removal

The goal of any remediation and restoration effort is to get your property back into its pre-damaged condition. This means not only treating any water, smoke, or fire damage but also performing odour control and removal services. Even if your home is confirmed to be structurally sound, clean, and safe following remediation, unpleasant odours can linger and be a great source of annoyance. Flood Services Canada understands this and includes odour removal services in its Toronto-area projects so that homeowners can rely on them to remove smoke smells and perform other air-cleaning services.

Common Causes of Household Odoursodour control service in Toronto

When recovering from a water, smoke, or fire damage situation, lingering odours are usually the result of one of the following:

  • Mildew, a type of growth related to mould
  • Actual mould
  • Smoke particles that have clung to various surfaces
  • Cigarette and tobacco odours
  • Damaged building elements or pieces of property that are giving off a smell despite having been dried
  • Pet odours or urine
  • Lingering, but not dangerous, particles from a sewage backup

Our Odour Control Techniques

Flood Services Canada technicians are trained in a number of different odour control approaches that enables them to tackle even the most stubborn smells.  water damage odour control

Wet Fogging

This is a controlled method of applying disinfectant and deodorizing solutions. Wet fogging is usable on all surfaces and furnishings and is performed in order to target specific areas or items that are giving off a smell.

Thermal Fogging

One of the issues with smoke is that it can travel into hard to reach or otherwise distant places and leave residue that our noses find offensive. Thermal fogging is a fog-like spray that recreates smoke patterns. The deodorizing solution will follow the same path that the smoke did and reach the same locations to ensure proper smoke odour removal.

Air Scrubbers

An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that can be set up in any given room of your property. The scrubber will draw in air and trap various particles, gasses, or chemicals within the environment and release an improved quality of air.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is very good at absorbing various chemicals and gasses and is comparable to an open box of baking soda in your fridge. It captures odours associated with sewage, but is primarily used on fire remediation jobs where there is substantial smoke and soot residue.

Areas We Serve

At Flood Services Canada, we serve the Toronto, Oakville, Ajax, Whitby, Georgina, Barrie, Mississauga, and Lakeshore areas. We stand ready to provide 24/7 quick-response remediation services and will use the best techniques, personnel, and technology to ensure your home or business is clean, safe, dry, and odour-free as soon as possible.

Contact us at 416-302-2107 to learn more about odour control services in Toronto, or use our emergency hotline at 416-999-3930 to get our rapid response teams dispatched to your area.