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Why You Need Professionals to Help With Flood Cleanup and Restoration

In the wake of your Toronto home suffering water damage—whether from a burst pipe, natural disaster, sewage backup, or other causes—it’s important to act quickly. You have belongings to salvage, insurance companies to contact, and repairs to arrange. One step you shouldn’t neglect is contacting a professional water damage restoration company. While it may sometimes feel like you can handle matters on your own, a proper restoration professional (or team of professionals) can make things immensely easier on you.

Flood Damage Restoration Toronto

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Flood Damage Restoration Company

After a flood, there are so many things to consider. What items have been damaged? Where will you stay until your home is cleaned up? How long will it take until your life is back to normal? Will your homeowners’ insurance cover the damage? Where do you even begin? Although there are many steps for proper flood damage restoration, working with a water damage restoration company in Toronto can help you get the process started faster so you can go back to normal.

Tools and Equipment

Depending on how much water damage your home suffers, you may need to employ certain pieces of equipment like pumps, air scrubbers, hardwood dryers, or water extraction units to dry everything effectively. Chances are, you’ve never had to deal with devices like these before and will lose time flipping through manuals and working out the operation (not to mention the time it takes to actually make the rental and bring it back).

A reputable water restoration service will provide the necessary equipment and have experienced personnel with the know-how and experience to put the tools to work quickly. Restoration teams have access to tools like moisture meters and infrared cameras to track and address any wet pockets that develop below the surface of the walls and floors. Time is often of the essence when trying to stop water from seeping into the floor and walls, so the less time spent setting up and fumbling with equipment, the better.

Repair and Restoration

Water damage often means more than just a lot of time spent extracting and drying. It can damage carpets and furniture or seep into drywall and require entire sections to be removed. A skilled water damage restoration company can help repair building materials, flooring, carpeting and even furniture that you would have to throw out otherwise. Advances in heavy drying equipment have also allowed for many carpets to be salvaged from many different forms of clean-water damage. Previously, these carpets would be considered unsalvageable and disposed of in the trash. You could potentially save thousands of dollars by properly drying out your carpeting.

Assessment and Insurance

Water and flood restoration companies are familiar with the insurance process. They can assist you in filing your claim and will provide support in determining the extent of the damage. This is often invaluable to clearing any hurdles the insurance company may try to set up.

Furthermore, a restoration team can help assess any structural impact the water damage may have had on your home. In cases where the water has been sitting for a while, such as after a natural disaster, this type of service can be integral to catching any structural damage that would otherwise go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Fast Restoration Service

In the event of water damage to your home, it is important to get the restoration process started as quickly as possible. In only one day, your home or office can sustain expensive long-term damage and mould or mildew will begin to grow. Professional water damage restoration companies have the tools, expertise, and manpower to clean up and restore your property efficiently and quickly. Professional technicians can also remove threats such as bacteria, mould, and other hazardous material from your home so your family’s health is secured.

Ensures Total Cleanup

Flood damage repair companies are trained to get the job done correctly. This is not a job to do yourself. Without the correct equipment or experience, cleaning the area yourself can cause further problems. For example, you may be able to clean up the floor and areas that are visibly wet, but the experts will be able to determine if water has seeped into your drywall, furniture, or appliances.

Eliminate Health Concerns

The longer the water sits in your home or office, the greater the risk will be to the health of your family or colleagues. Additionally, if the flood water contains hazardous bacteria or microorganisms that can cause adverse health effects, your health will be in danger. Flood water and sewage water should be handled with extreme caution to prevent any type of illness. A trained flood damage restoration company has the knowledge and tools necessary to identify potential hazards in the water, as they will have protective equipment to keep themselves safe during the cleanup and repair of your home. They will also know additional steps that are needed to ensure your home or business is safe following the incident of contaminated flood water.

Reduce Total Losses and Restoration Costs

Many people try to get the cleanup job done on their own because of the restoration and repair costs. Some people believe that they can save money by cleaning the affected area on their own, or renting equipment to do it themselves. Unfortunately, doing the job on your own can actually increase your financial losses. Calling a flood damage restoration company immediately after a flood damage situation can save you much money. This is because the sooner the water is extracted and the area is dry, the less damage your home will suffer. If the cleanup is done quickly and efficiently by professionals, you can save yourself from structural damage, floor and wall damage, furniture damage, and mould.

Expert Advice

It can be challenging to determine whether your drywall, furniture, appliances, or wet carpet are unsalavageable or salvageable. Professionals, however, can inspect your possessions and give you their expert opinion on whether or not these items are safe to use again, or if they should be discarded. If you want to make sure that your possessions are replaced or repaired as soon as possible, a professional opinion is always best.

Time is of the essence when managing a water damage cleanup. This is why companies like Flood Services Canada are so important. Our quick-response teams can arrive quickly on-scene and begin drying your home and recovering any damaged belongings with precision and professionalism. We have helped homes and businesses across the GTA and will use the best techniques, personnel, and technology to ensure your home is clean, safe, and dry as quickly as possible. Contact us at (416) 302-2107 to learn more about our services or reach our emergency hotline by calling (416) 999-3930 to get our rapid-response teams deployed to your location.

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Chad Vanvari

Chad Vanvari has over 20 years of experience as a cleaning & restoration professional. He started out in Montreal, establishing a commercial carpet cleaning company in the early 1990’s. By 2001, Chad had relocated to Toronto and now had extensive knowledge and experience in responding to fire/water related emergencies. He has been instrumental in the cleanup of several catastrophic floods. Currently, Chad is the president and owner of Flood Services Canada, a 24/7 emergency service restoration company.