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How Structural Drying Works and How It Helps

If your home has been affected by a flood or water leak, the way you deal with it will affect how safe your home is, specifically the structure, in the days, weeks, and months afterward. Improperly drying the area can lead to additional problems such as mould and mildew growth or the spread of bacteria […]

What to Do After a Flood to Minimize Damage

When deciding what to do after a flood in your home, your health and safety should be your top concern. Aside from the mess and damaged possessions, a flooded basement can present hazards that require special precautions. Depending on the source of the water, bacteria, and disease from raw sewage and other pollutants can enter […]

Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Your House

There are many possible causes of water damage in your home, but the signs are not always as clear as you might think. Sometimes water damage is not visible until there is a more serious problem, so keeping an eye out for signs of hidden water damage should be on your radar. Why are hidden […]

Mould Prevention Tips for Your Home

Let’s face it, no one loves mould. In fact, the thought of it can make anyone cringe. When mould goes undetected in your home, it can lead to a lot of problems. Mould spores spread very easily too, which makes it difficult to eradicate once it has begun to grow. Mould is not limited to […]

Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist

A well-functioning sump pump is one of the most important ways to keep your basement dry all year long. It works hard to prevent water from storms or other water damage from flooding your home by detecting when water could threaten your basement and pumping it out before it gets to the floor level. However, […]

Things You Need to Know About Crawl Space Mould

If your crawl space is unfinished, it is likely you hesitate to go in there for any reason. Crawl spaces are dark, cramped spaces in the home that are sometimes hard to access or make use of. The lack of attention these spaces get is likely the reason why they are one of the most […]

Everything You Should Know about Attic Mould

Attic mould may not always affect the indoor air quality of your home, but it can become a serious problem if left unhandled. Why does mould scare homeowners so much? What are the causes of mould in the attic? How can you get quick help to remove the mould and restore your peace of mind? […]

How to Prevent Water Damage While Away on Vacation

When most people prepare for vacation, they pause or redirect their mail, carefully lock up their home, and ask their neighbours to keep an eye on their house. However, an important aspect that many homeowners forget is to shut off the main water valve to their home to prevent water damage while on vacation. Especially […]

10 Safety Tips to Deal with Water Damage

Water damage can happen to anyone, and unless you’ve had experience dealing with water damage in the past, it can be a stressful and frantic experience. The first thing you should always do is contact a professional water damage repair team, but while they’re on their way, and depending on the source of the water, […]

What Causes Basement Flooding?

When most people imagine their basement getting flooded, they think of occasional natural disasters or heavy rains and storms during the fall and spring. Unfortunately, basements can get flooded in winter too. Despite the colder temperatures that turn rain into snow, poor maintenance over the summer and shifting weather can lead to cracks in your […]