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Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

What is smoke damage?

Smoke damage is the physical damage caused by the smoke of a fire. This damage is typically insured by a homeowner’s insurance policy and should be cleaned by professional fire damage restoration companies. A good smoke damage clean-up company will document the damage, review and help you understand your insurance policy, and work with your insurance adjuster to ensure you have all you need to file a smoke damage insurance claim.

How do you clean smoke damage?

It may seem as if clearing the fire removes all danger, but smoke can also pose a threat to your home. Smoke damage cleaning companies are trained to handle such danger. Professional fire damage companies are able to clean your home of smoke and restore items affected from a fire by removing all residue, treating the sources of odour with special detergents and neutralizers, and sealing off materials to protect them from any odours looming in the air.

How do you clean up fire soot?

Professional fire and smoke damage clean-up companies often begin by covering unaffected surfaces and items with plastic before beginning repairs. Soot is oily and can ruin carpets, draperies, and other household surfaces. Professionals have the right equipment to deal with these messes such as heavy-duty vacuums and cleaning products and tools.

Can I get into my home/commercial property to clean up or assess the damages?

You should only enter with a trained professional once the property has been deemed safe. You must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment such as a respirator.

How do I know what was affected by the smoke damage in my home/office?

There are several items that are often overlooked after a disaster, such as a house or office fire. These items include food, refrigerator, plants, and clothing. Smoke is able to penetrate most kinds of packaging so all food stored at home should be inspected before deciding on whether to keep it. The inside of the refrigerator could also be compromised, even if no smoke or fire damage is spotted on the outside of it. House plants can also suffer long-term effects after being exposed to smoke. Wiping down plants may help as well as leaving them outdoors for a few days. Since smoke travels further than flames, clothing can also be affected. Having your clothes professionally cleaned can prevent you from experiencing uncomfortable bodily reactions to smoke-affected garments.

Can smoke damage ruin electronics?

Smoke can ruin electronic devices. Smoke can seep through electronics’ cooling vents and holes, coating sensitive parts with particles and resin. Items like digital watches are sealed and are typically safe, but computers, televisions, and sound systems can be ruined from exposure to smoke.

Does smoke damage create odours?

Yes. Smoke filters through tiny fibres, so even items that have been thoroughly cleaned can still have a slight odour. Odours are even stronger in affected areas that are warm or damp. Smoke and fire damage restoration services are able to remove long-lasting odours so your home or office can smell clean and healthy again.

How long does fire restoration take?

Fire and smoke damage clean-up all depends upon the severity of the situation. Our Toronto smoke damage clean-up technicians can give you an accurate estimate on the length of time it will take and the cost of smoke damage clean-up.

Why should home and business owners consider certified professionals first?

It takes a high level of technical skill to safely and effectively clean up the damage left behind from smoke damage. Certified professionals are properly trained on safety procedures and solutions to restore your home or office environment.