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Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair and Replacement

Flood Services Canada technicians fully understand moisture saturation and are readily able to recognize the different categories of water damage.

In the event that the water originates from a clean source, drying equipment can be used in conjunction with various restoration techniques to effectively save the drywall and avoid subsequent expensive repair costs. This will benefit both the property owner and their insurance provider.

On the other hand, if the water loss is from a contaminated source or if the drywall has been left wet for longer than 72 hours, we must treat this as a remove and replace drywall repair. This practice follows the standard of care used by restoration professionals in the industry. Our certified technicians will contain the area, evenly cut out drywall as needed, and leave the area completely clean and dry. This ensures that drywall replacement and repair may begin as soon as possible.

If an exceptionally large loss occurs, complete removal of all drywall may be necessary. We will remove all drywall and then thoroughly clean and sanitize the area. This complete interior demolition will then leave you with a clean canvas to rebuild your dream home or office.

At Flood Services Canada we strictly adhere to all Applied Structural Drying standards and follow ALL health and safety precautions, whether the loss is a fresh water loss or from a contaminated source.

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