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Flood Services Canada Stocks Up on Equipment for Winter Property Damage Remediation

Flood Services Canada (www.floodservices.ca), a leader in quick-response flood remediation in the Greater Toronto Area, has announced that it will be adding new structural drying and flood restoration equipment to its fleet in anticipation of the extremely cold winter weather expected this year.

Flood Services Canada will be adding dozens of new low amperage air movers as well as larger capacity drying units with the latest dehumidification technology available in Low Grain Refrigerant (L.G.R.) dehumidifiers.

“Winter is the season when the extremely cold weather causes pipes to burst. Emergency water damage and flood response teams are usually very active in responding to flooded homes and buildings,” explains Chad Vanvari, Owner of Flood Services Canada. “The ever increasing demand means it is necessary to renew and expand our fleet of drying equipment to dry structures as quickly and as efficiently as possible. These new units will assist us in doing just that.”

The Low Grain Refrigerant (L.G.R.) dehumidifier is a dehumidifier that can dry out a room’s air moisture level and structural material moisture level to a pre-loss condition faster and more thoroughly than a conventional commercial dehumidifier. Low amperage air movers are a type of high-speed fan that use less electricity for each unit. This allows for the placement of enough air movers in any particular area to focus drying on all the affected surfaces without causing a shortage of power.

The air movers push moisture from structural materials into the air whereby the dehumidifier can then trap the moisture and dispense drier air. Using the combination of air movers and dehumidifiers creates a cycle in which both the structural materials and the relative humidity in the flooded home or building can be reduced to a pre-loss condition within the recommended period to avoid microbial growth.

“The main benefit of our new investment in the latest types of drying equipment is that we will be able to increase the volume and rapidity of drying on larger projects,” Vanvari concludes. “With added equipment, more structures will be saved, avoiding costly repair and or microbial remediation projects for clients and their insurance carriers. This means more properties saved, less life disruptions, more happy customers.”

About Flood Services Canada

Flood Services Canada is made up of several quick-response teams who are leaders in flood remediation, mould removal, and other loss prevention techniques. Their specialties include fire, flood, and sewage backup remediation and cleanup. More information about Flood Services Canada and their operations can be found on their website at https://floodservices.ca.

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Chad Vanvari

Chad Vanvari has over 20 years of experience as a cleaning & restoration professional. He started out in Montreal, establishing a commercial carpet cleaning company in the early 1990’s. By 2001, Chad had relocated to Toronto and now had extensive knowledge and experience in responding to fire/water related emergencies. He has been instrumental in the cleanup of several catastrophic floods. Currently, Chad is the president and owner of Flood Services Canada, a 24/7 emergency service restoration company.