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This Is Why You Should Hire an IICRC-Certified Restoration Company

IICRC-Certified Flood Cleanup and Restoration CompanyWhen water floods your home, you cannot take it lightly. This issue is time and money-sensitive and the longer you put off home water damage restoration, the worse the damage will get. To save as much of your home and property as possible, it is crucial to hire a professional water damage restoration company to help you. They will have the right tools, equipment, and experience to carefully clean up the affected area. Before you do this, it’s important to choose a company with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Here’s what you need to know about IICRC-certified carpet cleaners and how they can provide efficient and effective water damage restoration in Toronto.

What Is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)?

The IICRC is a certification and a non-profit Standards Developing Organization that focuses on cleaning, inspection, and restoration. For these industries, it is the organization’s mission to establish restoration and cleaning standards that are stringent and also recognized on a global scale to ensure companies provide the best services possible. To be certified by the organization, companies need to pass an in-depth audit that examines the technician’s knowledge and expertise in restoration. A company that has been recognized by the IICRC will ensure that their technicians only perform their water damage restoration services when they have met each standard of the certification.

What Is Involved in an IICRC Certification?

The standards of the IICRC vary depending on each service, but for water damage restoration, the standards are based on principles of the international, national, and scientific community, as well as regional trade associations, and more. These principles are continuously updated and improved according to technology, processing, and testing procedure developments.

Why Does IICRC Certification Matter?

Most areas require licensing for trade industries to increase health and safety and reduce the risk of accidents or poor work due to an improper standard of care. While electrical and plumbing contractors require licensing, the water mitigation industry does not. That means that anyone can establish a water damage restoration company without the experience, training, and skills required to deal with floods in your home. Anyone can invest in water restoration equipment and claim to be a professional. The reason why hiring an IICRC-certified company to handle your water damage is so important is because they have achieved IICRC certifications and passed these standard tests for knowledge and skill expected by the organization. By leaving these trained professionals to the job, you will have peace of mind in knowing you will get quality work.

Why Hire an IICRC Certified Restoration Company?

Quality Work Under Pressure

An IICRC-certified technician will know what to do in an emergency situation such as a flood or burst pipe. They will find quick solutions to problems in a stressful situation that requires immediate attention.

Experience Handling Advanced Equipment

Technicians certified with the IICRC will know how to operate all drying equipment, and place them in a way that speeds up the process in the affected room. They will also be able to get into tight, unseen spaces such as floorboards and behind drywall to prevent the growth of mould. If the source of the flood was black water, they will be able to quarantine the area and clean it safely without spreading the bacteria or leaving any traces of moisture.

Can Handle Large Projects

A certified water damage restoration company near you will be able to identify the source of water damage and find solutions for how to clean and dry the area, no matter the size. They will also be able to manage a team of professionals who will work together to assess and remedy the damage in various areas that have been affected.

Open Communication

Another benefit of working with an IICRC-certified company is that they will provide open and clear communication each step of the process. As they learn about the water damage, they will explain the situation to you and detail what their restoration process will include. If you need them to speak with your insurance company, they can help with that as well to give you peace of mind.

Answer Your Questions

In the event of a flood or water damage to your home, a restoration technician is your best friend. They will answer all your questions and since they continuously attend training sessions to improve their knowledge, they will use the latest restoration and cleaning techniques.

IICRC-Certified Water Damage Restoration Company in Toronto

If you notice signs of water damage such as a foul smell from downstairs or water on your basement floor, you may be dealing with a flood. While a leaky pipe is easy to notice, some types of water damage can happen in areas you cannot see or reach. To prevent the risk of mould growth and harmful bacteria spreading through your home, it’s important to seek help from the professionals. Water damage repair and restoration companies follow tested and true methods to resolve situations like this.

As a professional team that is IICRC-certified, Flood Services Canada can provide you with solutions in an emergency situation and we can help you settle with your insurance company. We deploy our quick-response teams across southern Ontario to help homeowners in a tough situation. We’re ready to provide 24/7 sewage, water damage, and flood cleanup services and will use the best techniques, personnel, and technology to ensure your home or business is clean, safe, and dry as soon as possible. Contact us at (416) 302-2107 to learn more about our services, or use our emergency hotline at (416) 999-3930 to get our rapid-response teams deployed to your location.

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Chad Vanvari

Chad Vanvari has over 20 years of experience as a cleaning & restoration professional. He started out in Montreal, establishing a commercial carpet cleaning company in the early 1990’s. By 2001, Chad had relocated to Toronto and now had extensive knowledge and experience in responding to fire/water related emergencies. He has been instrumental in the cleanup of several catastrophic floods. Currently, Chad is the president and owner of Flood Services Canada, a 24/7 emergency service restoration company.