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The Importance of Fast Water Extraction Following a Flood

If you’ve experienced a flooded basement, water extraction immediately following the flood is strongly recommended. As the top provider of water damage cleanup in Toronto, Flood Services Canada tells their clients that they should call us as soon as they discover that their basement has flooded.

Water extraction is the most important part of water damage cleanup, as flood water should be removed quickly to prevent any damage from becoming permanent. We use the best equipment for water extraction to thoroughly dry your basement following a flood.

Water damage cleanup following a flood is important for a number of other reasons, not the least of which is the potential health risks, especially if the flood was caused by sewage. Regardless of the type of flooding you experienced, call us for water extraction as soon as you discover the flood. We also offer emergency service, since floods always seem to take place at the worst possible times.

It is vital that you contact us for water damage cleanup within 48 hours of a flood occurring. Whether it’s a few inches of water or a couple of feet, professional water extraction and drying means the difference between minor damage and having to completely renovate your basement.

If left untreated, water will seep into everything, including the wall, floorboards, and more. You may be tempted to just use a shop-vac or have your carpet dried, but when it comes to water damage cleanup, this is something that is best left to the professionals. At Flood Services Canada, we use state-of-the-art equipment for water extraction and cleanup following a flood. The sooner you call us, the less damage the flood will cause!

Building materials, carpeting, and insulation serve as a food source for mould, which can cause serious health problems to anyone who suffers from respiratory ailments, such as asthma. If anyone in your family or your employees suffer from such a condition, think of them following a flood and call us for water damage cleanup.

Over the next few months, homes and businesses are going to turn into a sealed environment with increased humidity. If mould gets into your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, it will turn your office or home into an unhealthy environment. And with cold and flu season upon us, this will only make things worse. You want to keep your staff and family as healthy as possible during this time, so if your business suffers a flood during this period, calling us for water extraction within 48 hours is vital.

And if a flood does occur, don’t panic! Turn off the source of the flood waters immediately, then call us right after doing so for water damage cleanup. And if there are any electrical appliances in the affected room, be sure to cut power before you try to unplug them; this is common sense, but it never hurts to be extra cautious when it comes to personal safety following a flood.

Once we arrive, we will begin water damage cleanup starting with water extraction. Call on Flood Services Canada to provide fast and efficient service for both residential and commercial clients!

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Chad Vanvari

Chad Vanvari has over 20 years of experience as a cleaning & restoration professional. He started out in Montreal, establishing a commercial carpet cleaning company in the early 1990’s. By 2001, Chad had relocated to Toronto and now had extensive knowledge and experience in responding to fire/water related emergencies. He has been instrumental in the cleanup of several catastrophic floods. Currently, Chad is the president and owner of Flood Services Canada, a 24/7 emergency service restoration company.