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What You Should Know about a Leaking Roof and Water Damage

Water damage due to a leaking roof causes panic for many people. Stained carpets and brown patches on the ceiling are unsightly but seemingly harmless results of a leaking roof and water damage. On the bright side, the majority of roof leaks do not mean your entire roof is failing and that you need to […]

How Tie Rod Holes Can Cause Flooded Basements in Commercial Properties

There are many causes of flooded basements in commercial properties, and although some floods are due to poor property maintenance, a basement can also flood because of poor construction. One of the most common causes of basement flooding is a result of leaks in the tie rod holes in the basement walls. In order to […]

How Window Well Leaks Cause Basement Flooding

The window well refers to the area outside of the basement window, which keeps the surrounding dirt from entering the home and drains rainwater away. When any portion of a basement window is below grade, window wells are required. If the window well drain gets clogged, the basement window well can fill up with water […]